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Women do not have the luxury to decline speaking
2. Focus on book authors When you're organizing an event with professional speakers, you'll find that some of your dream
If "networking" is defined as you attending a networking event to potentially find new clients, it can often be difficult, time-consuming, expensive, and fruitless. Perhaps you attend the wrong event and meet no prospects and you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars with zero return on investment. That isn't sustainable or an effective use of your time.
We got senators, governors, representatives, celebrities and Ted Nugent!
If you're looking for a wireless home theater system at an approachable price, Enclave Audio delivers the goods. Though it's
Answers by Chris Anderson, Head of TED, on Quora. ... But we suspect the best way to think of TED's impact is not in advancing
Are you an educator who wants to learn more about the ideas that define student-centered learning? Are you a parent, school board member or community leader who has strong instincts that your school system should be more student-centered but are not sure how to move forward?
Holding this secret in can slowly shift to victim blaming.  We think, "If I hadn't been there, or worn this outfit, or been