special counsel

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon issued a two-page order saying a dismissal of charges was not merited.
Two days of being questioned showed the president by turns charming, sometimes confused and still thinking about the illness that took his son Beau.
Vice President Kamala Harris is slamming the special counsel's report into President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.
A special counsel report has found evidence that President Joe Biden “willfully” retained and shared highly classified materials when he was a private citizen.
Biden’s comments came during remarks Thursday following a special counsel report that mentioned concerns about the president's memory.
"How in the hell dare he raise that?" President Biden said after a report was released on the handling of classified documents.
Hur also fretted that the president's advanced age would make him more sympathetic to a jury if a case were brought over the handling of classified documents.
The report concludes a yearlong saga after classified documents were found at Biden's home in Delaware.
Some 25 witnesses in the federal election interference case against Donald Trump have withheld information that prosecutors might be entitled to use.
Prosecutors pointed to Trump's remarks on former Attorney General William Barr as they reiterated calls for a limited gag order in the Jan. 6 case.