Special Counsel investigation %e2

The Supreme Court temporarily blocked the House from obtaining secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.
Prosecutors claim the companies are using the court system to access sensitive information that could hurt national security.
Chairman Jerrold Nadler expects the committee to vote soon, possibly this week, on at least two or more charges against the Republican president.
Aides for the president said Trump has yet to fully grasp the extent of Giuliani’s side-dealings.
President Donald Trump and his team are scrambling to respond to a whistleblower’s claims that have morphed into an impeachment inquiry.
The former FBI agent's complaint alleges the bureau caved to pressure from Trump when it fired him over derogatory messages about the president.
The president complained about the former special counsel's investigation and said people should be looking into Barack Obama's book deal instead.
The House Judiciary Committee chairman said this week’s hearing with Robert Mueller will air “very substantial evidence” of wrongdoing by President Trump.
The president appears to be creating some counter-programming for the evening of the former special counsel's congressional appearance.
In an interview with CBS, the attorney general talked about his investigation into whether Obama officials illegally surveilled the Trump campaign in 2016.