Special Counsel investigation %e2

The former FBI agent's complaint alleges the bureau caved to pressure from Trump when it fired him over derogatory messages about the president.
The president complained about the former special counsel's investigation and said people should be looking into Barack Obama's book deal instead.
The House Judiciary Committee chairman said this week’s hearing with Robert Mueller will air “very substantial evidence” of wrongdoing by President Trump.
The president appears to be creating some counter-programming for the evening of the former special counsel's congressional appearance.
In an interview with CBS, the attorney general talked about his investigation into whether Obama officials illegally surveilled the Trump campaign in 2016.
Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson defended Donald Trump following the special counsel's press conference.
He also announced he would resign and the special counsel's office would close. He said he has no plans to testify before Congress.
Instead of considering the "best interests of the nation ... you viewed" the Mueller probe "purely in terms of your own ego," Conway tweeted.
Democrats are pushing for Mueller to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, but that’s up in the air.
The Department of Justice said Barr would not be attending the hearing on his summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.
Attorney General William Barr suggested that Mueller “shouldn’t have investigated” acts on which he did not plan to reach a prosecution judgment.
His appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to highlight the partisan schism around Mueller's report and the DOJ's handling of it.
In an op-ed, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said the Mueller report proves that Trump is "a pathological liar."
Last week, the California senator told MSNBC that she wanted to hear from Robert Mueller before reaching any conclusions.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a call with House Democrats, appears to take a middle-of-the-road approach to the pursuit of possible impeachment of the president.
Lawmakers are asking the former White House counsel to testify as part of their inquiry into Trump's potential obstruction of justice in the Russia probe.
The former White House counsel lashed back over attacks on his credibility.
“Our strategy came to be that when we weren’t talking, we were losing.”
The President insisted the deeply unflattering picture painted of him in the report is "total bullshit."
The MSNBC host explained why "it’s just better the second day."