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You need zero technical skills to doctor videos. If anybody can deepfake, can we still trust what we see on the internet?
Our panel of experts break down some of the night's biggest questions, surprises, and moments.
From the United Kingdom and Europe, to Hawaii, the South Pacific, Asia, South America, and more, there are numerous destinations that have caught the public attention due to the cinema. But do these places really look so great in real life, or is it just down to CGI?
Watch Scott’s brief history of modern green screen compositing in the video above. We’re betting that, right about now, there
To satisfy my curiosity, I recently flew out to Los Angeles to meet with Kazuhiro Tsuji, who graciously agreed to sit with me. Kazuhiro told me that he moved to the US from Japan many years ago to pursue special effects but that his true passion is art.
The World Bodypainting Festival bills itself as "most colorful event in the world." This year's event, a wild bash of eye