Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

Iraq’s Foreign Minister has asked the United States to develop a financial plan for the reconstruction of the country after
"I take strong exception to allegations that I interfered in the process and demonstrated a lack of integrity or compliance
Crocker told SIGAR that the United States had done a better job in Afghanistan in including local Afghans in the planning
The report, Final Forensic Audit Report of Iraq Reconstruction Funds, said the precise amount lost to fraud and waste can never be known, but believes it is significant.
In 2004, between $10 billion to $20 billion worth of cash -- depending on reports -- was air-shipped to Iraq. The money was
The U.S. is prepared to spend up to five billion dollars to create more jobs for police officers, paying $100-$150k a year. One catch: the jobs are for Iraqis, in Iraq. No Americans need apply.
With $3.7 trillion already spent by the US on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is painfully apparent that this money is not being spent wisely; in some cases, it is simply being stolen.
October 7 marks the tenth anniversary of the US war in Afghanistan. After expending $4 trillion and thousands of lives, the US needs an exit from the depressing impasse of its militarized foreign policy.
So why didn't Congress authorize a special inspector general for Afghanistan until 2008, long after the structure was put
Khan Bani Saad, Iraq -- The shell of a prison that will never be used rises from the desert on the edge of this dusty town
The following are excerpts relevant to private military contractors. • In mid-June, a non-Chief of Mission PSC, on an administrative
On February 17th, the federal government settled a lawsuit with Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Boulder, Colorado and three
Iraq remains a powder keg. "The Surge" has done little to increase security, a state of civil war remains and regional conflict threatens greater problems for the future.