special interests

In the wake of the election, it wasn't shock based on pollsters' errors that got to me. Somewhere deep inside, I simply didn't believe that, of all countries on this planet, the United States could elect a narcissistic, celeb billionaire.
Sen. Richard Burr is under fire for being too close to industry groups, which spent more than $100,000 to send him around the world, a review shows.
The Republican nominee is refusing to disclose basic fundraising details that Clinton does and past GOP nominees did as a routine matter.
Trump railed against his rivals for being bought by special interests. He's now cozying up to the same special interests.
Last week we met with a student who is applying to middle school. We wanted to get to know this sincere and funny 12-year-old boy. We asked him, "What do you like to do in your free time?" He looked to the ceiling and seemed at a loss on how to respond...
What makes the DNC's decision even more offensive and obtuse is the fact that a central and widely accepted platform of this entire election season is campaign finance reform, rejecting the use of corrupt money in politics, and overturning Citizens United.