special needs

In New Mexico, we visited the Albuquerque Sign Language Academy to learn how a group of parents decided the best way to reimagine education for the deaf was by starting a school for their own kids.
The victim's family said that he has special needs and often panhandles for change.
Trina Abrams is facing criminal charges in connection with the incident, police said.
Angela Forker's "Precious Baby Project" features babies with serious medical conditions.
"It's abuse, the torture, and the hell that he was put through," the child's mother said.
These venues go beyond skip-the-line passes and online tips.
My son spent the first 28 months of his life experiencing neglect, malnutrition and abuse in his orphanage.
The music and lighting will be dimmed to make the experience more enjoyable for children with autism and other special needs.
Indiana’s booming program highlights the benefits and battles over vouchers.
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