special needs education

In our schools today we need to teach the way our students learn. I know there are a lot of individuals in our community
When that didn't work, Keller said that police cuffed Connor's hands in front of him to prevent him from swinging his arms
There are more than 6 million children in the U.S. with disabilities, from physical to developmental, and the numbers keep growing. The epidemic is leaving parents overwhelmed while the area's educational systems work overtime to meet demand.
6. Public Education as the Gold Standard. Alma Harris - 6 Lessons for the East from the West. Alma Harris, C. M. Rubin, Andy
As educators, we should have the courage to revisit our approaches to serving all kids, including students with special needs, and be willing to boldly innovate so that we can offer students the support they need to succeed while being challenged.
I can't single-handedly change education in this country, but I can teach my students to think for themselves, embrace their diverse skills, and encourage them to value learning simply for the sake of knowledge, not as some precursor to vocational wealth.
There just isn't a teacher, a doctor or other well-meaning professional who definitively knows what is "best" for my child. As Zoe's mother, I see her as the whole child she is: her spirit, her strengths, her abilities.
True special needs schools felt like segregated ghettos, where there was no peer modeling for someone like Charlotte to emulate. But in a typical school, she'd be singled out for being "different," and that label would brand her. Then we found CHIME.
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Mitt Romney wants to build battleships and cut government spending. That means that Americans with special needs are going to suffer, for the federal government already shamefully underfunds special education.
In the face of ever-advancing technology and seemingly endless budget constraints, all special needs professionals must adhere to our core tenets.
In New York, the Department of Education reimburses about $235 million a year in private school tuition to parents who prove
Richard L'Ecuyer, 49, adopted the children more than a decade ago with his wife Pamela, who was a nurse. The situation was
Are you a parent to a child with special needs? Have you been trying to help your child do something he or she can't do, or corrected them over and over again to end up with little or no progress?
Fifty years ago, I watched my parents try to help my developmentally disabled brother. They were told multiple times to dispose of their defective child in an institution. I'm not sure how much less agonizing it is today.
The obvious question is: What does my engineering and technology background have in common with educating special needs children? Seemingly nothing, except that I care deeply about both.
The school's decision about whether to put my son in special education programming has nothing to do with education and everything to do with the bottom line.