special needs parenting

The appointment of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education could not come at a worse time for our family and many others.
The phone rang, it was my wife Chavie, I knew she was calling with an update, but it was not one I was hoping for. “The neurologist
Looking back on those two people exchanging vows on a late September afternoon nearly two decades ago, I see how naïve they
Pride being more powerful than shame, it makes sense to me to teach my daughter that she has a right to be here. She has contributions to make. Down syndrome can and should define her. Her presence is as necessary to the world as the star shine is.
Black Widow Kate is a superhero and she identifies with other superheroes because she knows it. ​ So, enjoy her many alter
Her MRI revealed major brain damage, but we have never learned the origin or extent of it. We have never been given a name
How could I begin to explain just how much having a disabled parent would impact my child's school year?
Hey, parent? Yes, you -- the one with the incredible, wonderful child whose path has not been as easy as you'd like it to be. I just want you to know that I get it.
I had so many judgments about parenting... before I was a parent. More specifically, before I was a parent to two kids with special needs. I was sure I knew the magic formula to raising creative, inquisitive, polite, humble children -- full of curiosity and bursting with energy for seasonal crafting projects. I was kind of an ass. A well-intentioned ass.
I also received an offer to teach at a small school in a Presbyterian church that worked with Special-Ed elementary students