In a new interview, the "Mary Poppins Returns" star said he sought therapy to come to terms with identifying as gay.
(Art of Courtney Einhorn) The art works exhibited were literally from every spectrum, facet and genre. There were so many
Third, significantly more usable spectrum: Mainstreaming high-speed, low-latency connectivity requires a massive influx of
People are more than their sexual identity and shouldn't be limited to where they fall on the rainbow spectrum.
Why does our preconception with romantic love have to dictate our very being? Humans make the words. We can also redefine the words.
Looking back to Miami Art Week (which took place the first week of December), one would have thought the perpetual rainstorms would have dampened the spirits of attendees.
Where do you fall on the spectrum of sexuality? We first heard about signer/songwriter Ryan Amador in 2013 when he released
Benjamin Moe, 21-year-old co-founder and editor-in-chief of Table Talk, sneaks about the dimly lit corridors of a coal factory in rural Jaipur, tacking CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to the factory's rusty insides.
Greg Masucci hopes his 6-year-old son will be able to say his own name... and he's not alone. Autism diagnosis rates are rising, but education for children with the disorder is lacking. We learn about the emotional fight so many parents are facing.
With a Japanese investment group poised to buy one of America's leading wireless companies, tablet sales expected to grow
As she heads into her Senate confirmation hearings this week, I for one would like to hear her point of view on spectrum
A recent hackathon sponsored by Autism Speaks once again proves that we are harnessing the power of wireless to change lives in powerful and creative ways.
While both broadcasters and wireless companies have participated in spectrum auctions before, the process, economics and
Predicting the future of this country's fastest growing, most innovative marketplace is a difficult task. But if the FCC chairman is successful in bringing new spectrum to market and opening more channels for commerce and communications, his legacy will be assured.
The FCC predicts that demand for wireless connectivity could surpass existing capacity as early as next year, with massive deficits soon to follow, resulting in unreliable service and higher connectivity costs.
Congress and the FCC have put themselves at this juncture where they now have to choose between taking strong steps the biggest companies abhor, in order to enable competition -- or actually regulating a broadband monopoly.
As the Games wind to a close, they also will be remembered for redefining the Olympic experience through wireless connectivity. Here are a few connected highlights from the London 2012 games.
The U.S. government policies, both in word and deed, must continue on a bipartisan path of fostering a pro-investment, pro-innovation environment, where consumers continue to drive the mobile market.
The spectrum crunch threatens consumers with higher prices, less service for their dollar, and less reliability and quality as well.
The message is clear: Political gridlock and bureaucratic inertia in Washington must take a back seat to the more urgent tasks of moving our economy forward and putting the interests and needs of our citizens first.