As LeBron James received his Icon 360 Award at Harlem's Fashion Row, the professional basketball player gave a personal speech and thanked his mother, his wife, his daughter.
A Minnesota state Senate candidate went into labor while giving a speech at a Democratic convention.
The anchor also made a pointed comment about the president's words on "lies that are told for power and ... for profit."
Almost all children who stutter are discouraged from speaking in some way or another.
The news was teased in Trump’s Rose Garden speech Friday.
The Democrat vowed to make his state "work for everyone" in a Tuesday speech.
The "Late Show" host imagined that the president's address could go in a very interesting direction.
Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney blasted President Donald Trump for encouraging global hostility toward journalists in a speech at the U.N.
At 29, the progressive Democrat is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.
The president either thinks every state is exactly the same, or he’s too lazy to change his speeches.