Living legend Minnie Driver stopped by BUILD Series today to talk about her role as Maya DiMeo in the new ABC show, Speechless.
As a mother of an intellectually disabled young adult daughter with cerebral palsy, I cheered when I read of the development of a new TV series about a differently-abled teen and his family. People with disabilities are an underrepresented group in the media, and in many spheres of our lives and communities.
Just wait. There are a few twists. He turned to a fellow performer, Anthony Veneziale, whom he knew also had some producer
Last tuesday I finished my Spiritual Mentor Certification. We spend the day talking about the business behind having success as a Spiritual Mentor. And then I handed out a set of golden cards with all the amazing tools and insights from the training.
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President Bush mocked other prominent politicians behind their backs while in office, according to a new book by former speechwriter
There's a growing nervousness these days among former Bush White House officials, Pentagon folks and some senators about