Speed Skating

In a sudden move, Nana Takagi overtook a Dutch skater, who then came in third.
The suit maker says there's science behind the design.
Her comments about speed skating aren't going over well.
Long-track speed skater Erin Jackson began training for the Winter Olympics just four months before qualifying for Pyeongchang.
Some people live their lives as if they are passengers in an out-of-control car. Rather than doing something to control the situation -- by getting into the driver's seat -- they operate the car as passengers. They attempt to control what is out of their control, rather than what actually is within it. Here's how you can gain control when you feel like you have none:
Speed skater Ireen Wüst was chosen female athlete of the year in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is the second time Wüst wins this award at the yearly organized sports gala, having won it before in 2006.
Before I came out publicly, I believe it is safe to say that well over half of the international short track speed skating community knew I was gay.
Ice skating is so popular in the Netherlands, such an integral part of the culture -- The King of the Netherlands proposed to the Queen on ice skates -- that it should not be surprising that the Dutch are very successful in speed skating events, especially at the Winter Olympics.
A proud moment for Russian speed skater Olga Graf was nearly marred by mortification when she unzipped her skating suit, not thinking about what she had on underneath — nothing.