A Texas lawman has come up with a clever way to stop speeders.
The barefoot driver "became unruly" and had to be detained, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said.
Car accidents are unfortunately very common in the United States and the majority of these road crashes are caused by human error. While some are relatively minor, thousands of lives are taken every year by these horrible car crashes.
Claudia Castillo's phone number and other details were posted on social media.
"I see a total disrespect for law enforcement right here."
Of course it was. "I'm a father of a bride. I have to be at a wedding in thirty minutes, thirty minutes from here. Where
Here's how it works: On Noda’s site, Sic Transit Philadelphia, he analyzed video obtained by CNN of the train rounding a
A picture. I hadn't taken a picture of Arthur on his first day of school, of his shiny new backpack and his little knees emerging from his khaki shorts. No jerk in a Jetta was going to prevent me from taking a picture.
DelRea Good was concerned for her safety when Marshall signaled for her to pull over. Good did exactly what Hughes had recommended just two years prior. And yet, she's now facing a felony charge, all for worrying about her safety as a single woman late at night.
Receiving a speeding ticket is a drag. Aside from having to pay the fine and costs associated with legal fees, a ticket will wreak havoc on your annual car insurance premium long after you saw the blue- and red-flashing lights in your rear-view mirror.
Thomas was questioned by police for more than 90 minutes after Crawford was shot, according to video released by the Ohio
I've watched my share of Judge Judy and understand that the likelihood of ending up in court increases in direct proportion to the amount of jewelry you wear, the number and placement of tattoos visible on your neck and the times you use "conversate" in a sentence. Well into my 50s and woefully lacking tattoos, I thought any potential to have a run-in with the law was well behind me. I was wrong.
Talk about getting the point across! This Northern Ireland campaign from the Department of Environment (DOE) is not kidding
HOV lanes, love 'em or hate 'em, are here to stay.