So long, endorsements.
In business and life, it doesn't take much to ruin your reputation. One mistake can cost a business, personality or brand millions of dollars in lost revenue and sponsorship dollars. Ryan Lochte know exactly what this feels like!
Syneron-Candela and Airweave also dropped the Olympian.
Women can wear -- no, are encouraged to wear -- bikinis and clingy bathing suits. The thong is no longer a scandal; women's side straps leave little thigh unexposed. Show it off! And no snickering goes on; leering perhaps. But for me there is this cult of Speedo shame.
Amid a firestorm of gasps, giggles, and moral outrage, Alaska's Governor Bill Walker (I) has withdrawn from consideration an appointee to the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct. Jeff Landfield's own conduct came under scrutiny after several Facebook photos came to light.
"It has developed a cult status in Boston as a result of its appeal," Wilson added. Rob Wilson of BosGuy.com told The Huffington
1980s But don't think that Speedo only caters to professional athletes -- the brand now offers brightly-colored suits, bikinis
Prefer solo pool shots? Check out this back-flip beauty with the ball between the shooter's feet. And not a Speedo in sight