The oldest historically black women’s college in America has announced that they will begin admitting transgender women, and barring transgender men.
Chelsea Jackson is a yogi on a mission. When the Spelman College alum isn't teaching R&B singer Janelle Monáe how to "do that yoga," she's putting her Ph.D. from Emory college to great use through her yoga, literature and art camp for black and brown girls.
Why wouldn't you want to be around all this black excellence?
There is a lack of racial and ethnic diversity in most mainstream green groups and government agencies. While this is no revelation -- for decades it's been a hushed issue that's fractured the movement and kept minorities out of the green insider's club -- we now have empirical evidence of the industry's lingering racial divide.
Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum talks with Marc about why there is still the need for HBCU's.
By expanding the broader program, "instead of learning how to play soccer or basketball, the focus will be on fitness for
Many of pop culture's biggest names have their own remarkable origin story. A lucky break, a serendipitous career move, or
I have a dream that one day there will no longer be such a vast divide between "social consciousness" and "entertainment". Our world is too damaged to remain subscribed to traditional paradigms in entertainment.
All colleges want their alumni to have jobs, but some schools provide more support for this than others. The Princeton Review
Where black students are woefully under-represented in predominantly white institutions, historically black colleges and universities have demonstrated great effectiveness in fostering academic success.