Spencer Ackerman

Sometimes, just sometimes, social media can truly help you connect with the world, instead of taking you out of it. When
Within the context of illogic and paranoia that has at times defined Barack Obama's opponents, it is tempting to write off those who make the most strident claims against him. But we shouldn't be afraid to ask big, fundamental questions about the conduct of the administration and its officials.
The military is simply not in a position to conduct the sort of complex criminal investigations that are the FBI's specialty. Soldiers are trained to fight battles in a war zone; the FBI is trained to collect, preserve and analyze evidence in a crime scene.
War is not politics, it is violence - murder - on an enormous scale. It does not lead to democracy, security, or good governance
Just what the hell is that supposed to mean? Are we threatening Pakistan? If so, with what? Didn't we open this conversation
Does that sound like "muddling through or pulling out" to anyone? No, it's clearly a responsible timetable for ending the
The Afghan minerals report isn't some everyday propaganda trying pitifully to sell a trillion dollar debt-war to a nation of unemployed. This is a very specific talking point explicitly targeting the foreign policy community
Respect for Afghans is sorely lacking on all sides of the Afghanistan debate. It's 2010, nine years into the war, and we're still talking about Afghanistan in orientalist terms. We don't want to think about them as human. This has to change now.
On today's edition of "Morning Joe", Washington Independent reporter Spencer Ackerman took on MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan over the law enforcement response to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's crotchfire terror attack on NWA Flight 253.
All of this begs the question: Why has the "40,000 troops" idea taken root, when practical realities throw so many obstacles