spending bill

The bill includes proposed fines and tax provisions that could steer more business to unionized companies and make it easier for workers to organize.
The West Virginia senator is at odds with members of his party over a critical piece of President Joe Biden's agenda in Congress.
Voters overall don't seem fazed by the cost, and it's not clear how much, if at all, even hostile Republican voters care about the price tag.
You can learn a lot about how Congress actually works from the budget process. If you can stomach the budget process.
The president has suggested he won't sign the bipartisan bill unless it includes funding for the wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.
The president had threatened a veto just hours earlier.
Some of Trump's favorite people explained to him the bill contains almost no money for his long-promised border wall. He grudgingly signed it anyway.
With Trump's anticipated signature, Washington will avoid a government shutdown at midnight on Friday when existing funds are set to expire.
For 40 years, Republicans and some Democrats have been demanding an end to the ban on crude oil exports. The omnibus bill lifts that ban just as the world community meeting in Paris agreed that emissions released from fossil fuels must be lowered if the planet is to escape incineration.