Now we know why Mandalorians always keep their helmets on.
The relationship between sperm count and fertility is actually pretty weak.
A little running can help your little swimmers.
If we're going to dictate what women do with their bodies, might as well dictate what men do with theirs.
1322: Artificial insemination (referred to as AI until the 1980s) was first used successfully by the Arabs on mares.
"We need to look at it in a bigger perspective, rather than focusing on if you get a baby or don’t get a baby."
This kind of irresponsible advertising (from a NY sperm bank), only goes to show the lack of proper education given to prospective donors about decisions made now for a quick buck, that can affect them (and their families) for the rest of their lives.
Over the past decade or so, there have been a few Donor Sibling Registry (DSR) "copycat" sites. (I've addressed these copycat