sperm whale

Officials from New Zealand's Department of Conservation made the "heartbreaking decision" to euthanize the whales.
Plastic bags, ropes, fishing nets and a drum were all found lodged inside the juvenile off the coast of southeast Spain.
New research suggests sperm whales can use their huge heads as battering rams against ships and each other.
Fossils discovered in the 1800s were initially thought to have belonged to a walrus.
"Does this count as a selfie?" Researchers working in the Gulf of Mexico were stunned earlier this week when an inquisitive
Calm Before the Storm by Keri Wilk on 500px Sperm Whale with poop by Keri Wilk on 500px Ground Zero by Keri Wilk on 500px
Original reports attributed this whale's death to boat strikes, but there was "no evidence" of this, Dr. Andrew Brownlow
"I just couldn't walk away," Burdingnon told the Times. Biologists and veterinarians from the nearby University of Florida
Although Casey tweeted that she thought the whale was 70 feet long, Broward County Sheriff deputies later estimated the whale
Sure, the yellow-bellied sapsucker has a yellow tummy and eats sap. But not all monikers in the critter kingdom are so obvious
http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2012/03/scienceshot-giant-eyes-but-why.html?rss=1 Seeing under water is tricky because
The massive skull and jaw of a 13-million-year-old sperm whale has been discovered eroding from the windblown sands of a