sperm whales

Scientists say it's too early to determine why so many are taking a wrong turn.
What do drones, Sir Patrick Stewart, and whales have in common? They're all part of a Kickstarter project aimed at launching a new way to study whales, and ultimately the health of the ocean.
"Obviously whales have to rest on their migration, so what we call 'sleep swimming' might be when they're paying less attention
"Does this count as a selfie?" Researchers working in the Gulf of Mexico were stunned earlier this week when an inquisitive
With cleaner, more selective fishing gear types available, and historic lows in fishery participation, there is no reason to continue using this unsustainable fishing gear.
The 30-40 foot sperm whale carcass currently floating off Oahu's windward shore "kind of looked like Swiss cheese," according
In the past, swimmers have come under criticism for getting too close to sperm whales and other marine mammals. A Florida
For sperm whales, "drifting off to sleep" isn't just a figure of speech. The video above shows an odd habit in which some
"It hoed into the squid straight away and didn't care a bit that it was right next to us," McGlashan told the Telegraph. "It
The same week news broke that Facebook would acquire Instagram, two travelers used the app to shoot their Baja California expedition, capturing a $1 billion memory of a gorgeous wilderness.
But leftover change and lost jewelry aren't the only kinds of treasure that occasionally get buried on the beach. A small
A lucky placement of acoustic survey equipment has allowed scientists to get some rare insight into what sperm whales did
It's time to end the whale hunt and grant amnesty to these magnificent creatures that are helping us survive on our planet -- by determining how quickly global warming is occurring.
The crude which is destroying the Gulf of Mexico contains about 40 percent methane which may create vast "dead zones" where oxygen becomes so depleted that nothing is allowed to live.
The Deepwater Horizon rig continues to spew 200,000 gallons of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico. The fish, birds, marine mammals in the Gulf region -- many of whom are endangered species -- are now struggling to survive.
Philip Hoare pays eloquent tribute to the beauty, power, and history of the sea's mightiest creatures. Can readers who have discovered the elegance and mystery of whales ever again enjoy a seaquarium?
Marine Mammal Conservation Through The Arts is producing a documentary about Bryant Austin, a photographer whose life-size
Sperm whales are an endangered species, and therefore protected by the Endangered Species Act. That doesn't mean you can't