When you're ready to strike out and start exploring what you came to Egypt to see and explore, take my advice and hire a
Boy meets girl. Or boy meets boy. Or girl meets girl. In Anne F. Garréta's novel, gender is beside the point.
We could give you 20 guesses, but you might not make it to the animal she's attempting to describe. Stoic, elegant, wonderful
Ballet's diversity problem can be distilled to two key obstacles: economics and lack of representation. We can directly address these issues in two concrete ways: by improving access to dance education for lower income students across racial lines, and by increasing representation of dancers of color on our stages.
From Jenna Abate, AccuWeather.com Staff Writer: Ancient civilizations have long written about the power and force that weather
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But this is totally worth it. 6) The Pyramids You'll look like this We say, go for the latter. You're only a tourist every
Originally painted in bright colors, this marble sphinx has the head of a young woman, the body of a young lioness, avian