spicy recipes

Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce are dried, smoked jalapeños in a tangy, slightly sweet tomato sauce. There are endless ways
There are many types of hot peppers, varying in shape, flavour and provenance. In certain parts of the world, independently
Summer is here which means it's time to set up your lemonade stand!
These recipes have extra heat.
When you take chocolate in a spicy, instead of a sweet, direction, the result is delicious.
A warm bowl of this is a perfect fix for the current cooler weather.
This soup is fabulous. It always comes out right. It's not too difficult. The flavors are divine. You have full control over the amount of heat.
Though you may be inclined to cool down with a tall glass of iced tea, ice cream or watermelon on a sweltering summer's day
Most of the chefs I know love hot and spicy food. But the hot flavors get left outside with the street clothes when they don their whites. What's up with that?