Arachnids scuttle on the walls and ceiling in the real-life horror filmed by a mother in Sydney, Australia.
This is about so much more than arachnophobia. It’s about learning to accept discomfort as a necessary part of growth.
The creepy-crawly creature in question was a brown recluse spider, a species with a bite that can cause stinging pain and severe lesions.
University of Michigan biologists captured a video of a tarantula and a mouse opossum that's really freaking some people out.
Lake Vistonida has become a temporary spider paradise and arachnophobe's nightmare.
Someone in Aitoliko is going to have to do a lot of dusting.
“The first time I heard it it was the most terrifying thing ever."
It’s estimated that the stolen creepy crawlies are worth up to $50,000.