"I don’t think I could ever sleep without earplugs again," 29-year-old Desirae Kelly said after the experience.
Officials plan to milk the massive funnel-web spider for venom and send it to a pharmaceutical company that can turn it into antivenom.
The palm-sized Joro spiders may look freaky, but they're not dangerous and even provide some big benefits.
Heavy flooding in Victoria prompted a "mass evacuation" of spiders from the waterlogged earth.
Record rains have led to heavy floods, and that's caused bugs, snakes and other critters to seek refuge.
Arachnids scuttle on the walls and ceiling in the real-life horror filmed by a mother in Sydney, Australia.
This is about so much more than arachnophobia. It’s about learning to accept discomfort as a necessary part of growth.
The creepy-crawly creature in question was a brown recluse spider, a species with a bite that can cause stinging pain and severe lesions.