spina bifida

But now, having almost reached the ripe (for my standards!) age of 30, my questions have begun to shift inside my head. I
Women should avoid green, oolong, and black tea if they are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, because of tea's effects on folate levels, and the potentially dangerous effects of caffeine found in tea.
We are sold the idea that remaining slim is primarily important as a means of attracting the opposite sex, rather than as a path to good health and longevity.
No one is being cruel. In fact, everyone is being positively dramatically spectacularly kind. Do their stares and smiles and comments make you angry? Of course not. But they do make you a bit, well... tired. Because you very quickly realize that it's not just your baby that everyone is watching. They're watching you too.
Earlier this month, Mike Marzano and his family were passengers on a flight bound for Pennsylvania from Florida, where they
Bryan and his wife Sarah learned that that Leeim had spina bifida when they went in for their first ultrasound at 20 weeks