spinal cord

Experts share the red flags that mean an achy back might be a bigger deal.
David M'zee can walk over a half mile, hands free, with the implants turned on.
The "pork diagnosis" and no definitive diagnosis, despite oodles of tests, were unsatisfactory. My painful and debilitating
I spoke to Grubba about her journey as an actress in Hollywood - not an easy path to say the least - which makes her triumphs all the more inspiring.
The Road to Recovery Prior to my injury, I had always been very athletic and very competitive. Although I had to give up
Similar to many others I've met in this situation, I am neither sad nor angry. And as more time passes, it has become increasingly apparent that what I want most in life might not be evident from where I am sitting.
In a provocative new paper, an Italian neuroscientist outlines how to perform a complete human head transplant, arguing that such a surgical procedure is now within the realm of possibility.
Now Dr. Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group says he knows how to solve that problem. Canavero's paper
In 2010 a fall from a second-story window nearly killed me. As I lay in the spinal unit, I was presented with an expert view from one of the senior medical team that hoping for recovery was proven to be psychologically damaging. I simply don't agree with that analysis.
A myelogram can help your doctor make a diagnosis or plan the appropriate treatment to help relieve back or leg symptoms.