spinal tap

It's such a fine line between stupid and clever.
Writer/actor says the big bottom line hasn't been shared with the creators.
The legendary manager of Spinal Tap didn't die after all...
Harry Shearer reveals why many of today’s mockumentary style television shows don’t do justice to the storytelling style.
First there was the career as a rock guitarist in a Spinal Tap-like band. Then came a gig as staff attorney at a corporate litigation firm in New York. Now, the artist known as Xiomáro is stepping up to serious photography.
It's called, appropriately enough for the day, OneLouder, and specializes in making apps for a variety of uses. President
Hugh Laurie has a new album, Let Them Talk, which is New Orleans blues based. Here he discusses how he came up with that idea.
The most dangerous thing about the Sarah Palin coverage is she is opening a window of acceptable stupidity. The more off-the-wall stuff that comes from her -- the more she is covered and -- the more people listen.