spirit airlines

“Where it came from? No idea,” said passenger Peter Scattini, who says he eventually got a full refund from the airline.
The man was allegedly trying to smoke in the plane's bathroom.
The college student says she flushed the hamster because Spirit Airlines wouldn't let the animal on board.
The man allegedly did this while sitting between his wife and the victim.
It's 5:00 am, and I am in the Palm parking lot at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. In my hand is a large purse, an
At least, based on a report conducted before the David Dao incident.
This may just be the sale of the century, if you can stand to fly Spirit.
24 months of inactivity on Southwest You may call it spending beyond our means, but I recognize it for what it is: the disappearance
And the same way you can be standing at the edge of the high dive one second thinking to yourself, "Man, that's pretty high
Nobody was arrested, but the affected passengers blame racist flight attendants.