Spirit Day

Ariana Grande and the Jonas Brothers' trusted collaborator marked Spirit Day with their third benefit concert for GLAAD.
His GLAAD Spirit Day concert featured Darren Criss and raised $400,000 for LGBTQ youth.
Barbra Streisand, Britney Spears and other celebs shared their support for LGBTQ youth, too.
The beloved characters have joined GLAAD to honor Spirit Day.
Brian Justin Crum said it was "an honor" to stand up for bullied LGBT youth.
I distinctly remember during class one day in my freshman year, someone asked my theology teacher about the Church's position on gay people. I sank into my seat and wanted desperately to disappear.
Because no young person should ever "feel like they can't be comfortable being who they are."
Anything limited to one day and 140 characters is likely never going to prevent or end a culture of LGBTQ youth harassment and bullying. It doesn't just get better. We have to do better.
As they engaged with social media in a supportive environment, students began to realize that they can "be the change they wish to see in the world," as Gandhi advised.