spiritual teacher

Make the commitment today to journey more into the power of self-awareness to make sure only the most peaceful, trusting and loving energy is expressed to yourself and your world. This is revealed both in your self-talk and by the words and actions you choose in your response to others and to any circumstance you encounter.
How do you finally get around to loving yourself like you should? Here are five suggestions.
Follow your meal with a 10 minute walk outside, minus the cell phone. Spend those few minutes listening to the birds singing
Give it up for the spiritual mentors! Apostle DrPreston T Adams & Bishop DrTom Benjamin Jr. #ThankASpiritualMentor --Nicolas
In the above video, Iyanla reads the passage Gemmia wrote just two months before she passed. "Super Soul Sunday" airs Sunday
Contemporary thought leader and spiritual teacher Panache Desai sat down with Oprah for an episode of "Super Soul Sunday
If you really want to figure out what it is you were born to do or be, don't go about it alone. I tell you this because this is/was key, key, key in my life experience.
True teachers show us that it is possible to wake up and be free, but ultimately the truth is already within each of us and can never be given by another. Through meditation we connect to that inner guru, to the brilliance and radiance of who we truly are.
Buddha's own simple truth was that nirvana is right here and now. It is within each of you. And it is up to you to uncover it and live it in the present moment, not through the layers and rituals that different men and women have added, but through what should be very simple teachings.