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And the Oscar winner is ready to be a part of it.
of the background scenery wild and free to swim in all her glory. She knows this time of rest and play beneath the surface
Is this just another excuse to have a shirtless Tatum on screen? You decide.
"I don't think that I've ever played a father like this before. One that - because he and his wife are dealing with this
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Why is it called White Party? Where did it come from? Why Palm Springs? Warm up for White Party Palm Springs with Mike Ciriaco as he explores the history of the big gay event on this week's Monday Mouth-Off from WiRLD.com.
"He says, 'Put the pencil to the paper, and it's worth more than it is at separate parts,'" Grazer says. "I thought, 'What's
It’s odd to think that there’s an entire generation out there who only knows Hanks as the serious, kindly man who only appears
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Security quickly rushed the protestors, shredding their signs and forcibly expelling them from the bar, Gay City News reports
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Check out the letter below, and make sure to swing in Splash one final time before it closes for good, and raise a glass
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We couldn't help but smile at the resulting expressions, ranging from shock to aggravation to pure joy. The collaborative
As a competitive diver for about 15 years, the fear in diving and sense of accomplishment after completing a dive never goes away. The reaction that these celebrities have to their training and competition is only a fraction of the reality.
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"Splash" sees stars such as Nicole Eggert, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kendra Wilkinson and Ndamukong Suh competing in a daunting
Nicole Eggert struggles with her confidence after an accident during diving practice in Week 2 of ABC's "Splash." Will she be able to get back on the board?
ABC knows what you're thinking: You want to see a sopping wet Louie Anderson struggle to find his way out of a pool on a weekly basis while Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh looks on, lying supine on a towel.
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Struggling with what to watch this week? We've got your back. ABC's "Splash," the second celebrity diving show to air this
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Fan's of "Chelsea Lately's" Chuy Bravo won't see the Chelsea Handler's sidekick making the high dive on ABC's "Splash" after
"I enjoy getting out in front of the crowds every single night, I enjoy seeing their faces light up and having a good time out there and seeing the smiles on their faces. That's what gives me a thrill now, just getting up there for the live action and just performing."
The more we use our waterways, the more we will understand and value the importance of clean water to our communities.