The pop is now sweetened with sucralose.
There is much we still don't understand about how artificial sweeteners may affect humans, but a growing body of research suggests turning to diet soda to feed a sugar craving may not be a good bet. A smart approach is to reduce consumption of sugar, fake or real.
Can your taste buds tell the difference?
This study shows quite nicely that non-caloric sweeteners can alter gut microbes in mice -- a change that has negative metabolic consequences -- and provides preliminary evidence that it can happen in humans too.
The question of what these sweeteners do to our body -- and by what mechanism -- is far from settled, but this study adds to the realization that looking just at calorie counts, without thinking a little more about the actual ingredients, might not be enough to lead to long-term weight control and health.
In 2009, British lawmakers called for a ban on ads for Olay’s Definity eye cream. The ads featured former model Twiggy, then
In addition, rodents, like humans, may develop cancer as a result of old age, and not exposure to chemical additives. This
The increases in insulin levels in the new study could show that the participants' bodies are able to produce insulin to
Things used to be simple. If we wanted something sweet, we turned to sugar, or honey or maple syrup. But now we've got options
When man tampered with nature and uncoupled the sweetness sensory signal from caloric load, a pairing that we adjusted to for thousands of generations, our capacity to know when we had enough was eradicated.
"Health and wellness" may be cited as motivators behind Pepsi NEXT, but America needs mid-calorie soda as much as the Gulf of Mexico needs another oil spill. May I suggest drinking more water? What a concept!
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Sophie Pollitt-Cohen died this week. She was ninety-five in Huffington Post years.
Sophie Pollitt-Cohen's angry narrator, best known for her rants, died this week after being crushed to death by the chip on her shoulder. She was ninety -five in "Huffington Post years" and wishes to be buried...
Individuals who consume a diet high in sodium or artificially sweetened drinks are more likely to experience a decline in
According to a new study, women order smaller meals if eating with a man than if dining with female friends. Women responded: "Obviously. What? No, I'm not crying. Get out of my office!"