In casting Trump as a premier example of Splitting, I am of course engaging in the very phenomenon as well. He is The Supreme Bad Guy! No one is ever entirely free of Splitting. The only difference is between those who are aware of it and those who are not, but then there I go again!
He is portrayed as "Felipe" in the bestselling memoir.
When I first saw the Netflix Profiles pop-up I thought it was a trick: "Who's watching?" it asked. Eek! Not me! Sorry! I'd been using a friend's account for two years and thought my day of reckoning had arrived.
Healing splits between warring nations is virtually impossible, largely because it requires each country to directly face its destructiveness. But reparation has to start somewhere.
Some voters are passionately drawn to Obama because he not only promises change from divisive Washington politics, but also because he evokes infantile yearnings to live without psychic division.
Splits within groups -- like the current split between Obama and Clinton supporters -- are even more absolute and dramatic than those within one individual.