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Watch Riz MC (Riz Ahmed) spit rhymes about racial injustice.
Next time you're thinking of tossing a musty old banana in the garbage maybe take a look inside. Most things are more than meets the eye.
---------------------------------------------------- Previously Trump - 'The Grand Experiment' (Video) (Poetry & Politics
HD: As far as poets, I love some of the usuals, like Maya Angelou, Gil Scott-Heron, and Langston Hughes. But Malcolm Gladwell
"You fall in love with a woman’s flowers but you never looked at her roots."
(Photo Credit: darknyte via rapradar.com) When you are compelled to do, you DO. The stage is dark but for a spotlight that
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white man asks why I don’t date white men he says he likes curvy Latinas that he’s always wanted to sleep with someone like
"Prove to me that you are worthy, or get the f*ck out of my face!"
I have loved so many boys like you before...
Beat poet Allen Ginsberg gave birth to Bob Dylan and Bob Dylan helped to turn Allen Ginsberg into a lively performance artist who recorded nearly all his words and all his music. His tape recorder was always on.
"Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs and poet Danez Smith explain why Brave New Voices is the perfect platform for kids whose voices need to be heard.
“This is not shame. This is cringing each time I hear someone say the word makeup as if it is a curse."