spoken word

Watch Riz MC (Riz Ahmed) spit rhymes about racial injustice.
Next time you're thinking of tossing a musty old banana in the garbage maybe take a look inside. Most things are more than meets the eye.
---------------------------------------------------- Previously Music/FX credits: piano Amir Mofrat; flute Jensmuse; wind
PBH: Then you lived all over the country, the northeast, the south, the west coast. Is this country the same everywhere or
"You fall in love with a woman’s flowers but you never looked at her roots."
. When you are compelled to do, you DO. (Photo Credit: darknyte via rapradar.com) The stage is dark but for a spotlight that
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white man asks why I don’t date white men he says he likes curvy Latinas that he’s always wanted to sleep with someone like