Sports Crime

He can return to the octagon effective immediately.
Sapp's attorney, Craig Mehrens, told Reuters on Wednesday night that Sapp "absolutely denies" the charges. The Clark County
In São Paulo recently, gunmen raided the fan club of popular first division soccer team Corinthians called Pavilion 9 during a party, forced eight members to the floor and murdered them in cold blood.
What is it about professional competitors that seem to make so many set on self-destruction? After years of working out, training and imagining the big time, pro athletes often turn out to be their own worst opponent when it comes to enjoying a rewarding career.
That long, audible sigh you heard Tuesday night was the U.S. Soccer Federation's reaction to word that the assault case against
Inflation, poor attendance, lackluster play and massive debts are causing Brazil's football clubs to count their pennies this Christmas.
Ray Rice eventually pleaded not guilty to a third-degree charge of aggravated assault in May. He avoided standing trial and
The suspended Minnesota Vikings running back revealed to ESPN that he has considered retirement while battling the NFL for
MORE FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello shared details of appeals officer Harold Henderson's decision
I was on the phone with a man several people told me I wouldn't be able to find. While investigating the supply side of the