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Referees called the game due to "violent ejections."
Arguments in sports are nothing new. Getting so angry you strip in front of the umpire, though? That's taking it to a whole
New York Islanders rookie Justin Johnson took on the much taller Sabres winger John Scott at First Niagara Center on Sunday
"He was either stomped, hit with a chair or punched," Beeman said of Jay. Apparently, as the awards for the Wahine Classic
A reporter once wrote that sports train us for the heartbreaks of real life without imposing any actual consequences. That's the beauty of the game: there's always next year. But there is no next year for Jonathan Denver. And this is what's robbing sports of everything good.
Whether it's taking repeated cheap shots like Bill Romanowksi or physically ripping an appendage off of your opponent like
ECHL veteran Justin Pender, who also plays for the Canadian men's national ball hockey team, chased down an opponent from
If you are like me, brawls are one of your favorite things about sports. Especially when they come at the most unexpected
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Historians will agree that 2012 was NOT the year sports fans stopped acting like idiots and fighting each other. In fact
“If I’m Brooklyn and the league, you’ve got to think we’re pretty soft, the way we’re playing,” Rivers said. “We’re a soft
We've all seen the clip of what's become known as, "Malice in the Palace." A "hard" foul, a he-man shove, and evidently some
"They've got to do what they've got to do, and I guess I had to do what," he said. MORE FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: NASCAR
In the heat of the moment, sparks begin to fly, tempers begin to run high, fists begin to clench. And like a ticking time
Only 25,000 fans turned out to Saturday's Marlins-Dodgers game, leaving more than one third of the stadium empty, but those
Puck Daddy has uncovered yet another gem of a hockey fight. At a Southern Professional Hockey League game last Saturday in
Earlier in March, a Russian hockey fan attacked a backup goalie during a KHL game. The assault caused a concussion and could
Hockey goalies are typically the least likely players to get involved in a fight, but these two took exception to that tradition
The Sudbury Wolves lost a CHL playoff game to the Barrie Colts on Sunday night, but their night on the ice had only just
During a KHL playoff game in Yekaterinburg, Russia, a fan stormed the rink, grabbed an opposing goalie's stick and assaulted