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Referees called the game due to "violent ejections."
Watch the full video of Mikulik taking his clothes off, below: Fox Sports reminds us this is far from Mikulik's first over
New York Islanders rookie Justin Johnson took on the much taller Sabres winger John Scott at First Niagara Center on Sunday
Watch the fight below and enjoy announcer Jim Leahey's observation that, "This is just stupid." "People lost their minds
A reporter once wrote that sports train us for the heartbreaks of real life without imposing any actual consequences. That's the beauty of the game: there's always next year. But there is no next year for Jonathan Denver. And this is what's robbing sports of everything good.
Whether it's taking repeated cheap shots like Bill Romanowksi or physically ripping an appendage off of your opponent like
A minor league ice hockey player injured a referee when he attacked a competitor during a recent game in the 2013 World Ball
If you are like me, brawls are one of your favorite things about sports. Especially when they come at the most unexpected
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Historians will agree that 2012 was NOT the year sports fans stopped acting like idiots and fighting each other. In fact