sports injuries

The shattering collision happened during a match in Portugal.
A Denver high school is at the center of a child abuse investigation following the release of this disturbing video at a cheerleading practice.
Football means something to me. But it also means violence.
Other factors contributing to these after-lunch ski slope injuries are changing weather and slope conditions. The air temperature
Heel Pain (Figure 1) Patients often complain of heel pain and there are several common causes of that pain. A correct diagnosis
Because the concussion epidemic is so important, the National Safety Council will continue exploring the complexity of the
It was like someone had switched my brain with the brain of someone wicked.
There are many sports (gymnastics, figure skating, dance, distance running, cycling) in which low body weight is encouraged
Some people are in fact physically incapable of passing sobriety tests while sober. But think about the people you know; do