Sports Media

Heads of the organizations in charge of all four tennis Grand Slams said Osaka could face suspension from future tournaments if she refuses to speak with the media.
The tennis star said people often have no regard for athletes' mental health, and she hoped the money from her fine would go toward a charity.
The mass media provides the financial foundation that drives commercialized sport. That has been the case for decades now.
There's a new wave coming, and women are not going to go extinct in the world of sports journalism. I'm a young journalism major who is already working to turn the tide in the world of sports journalism, and confidently, I can say that I am not alone.
The latest 'fight of the century' ended as many have before - collective viewer boredom followed by calls for a rematch. Despite its oftentimes unmatched hype, boxing frequently delivers disappointing end products.
It's time to usher in the annual rite of spring known as March Madness. While Cinderella grabs millions at the box office, a record number of small-screen viewers will be on the lookout for another kind of Cinderella who can prevent the Kentucky Coronation.