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Someone was riding the bench because of that golden retriever.
The veteran actors star in the new baseball movie "The Phenom."
From 'Rudy' to 'Rocky,' counting down the greatest films to play the game and get in the ring
The best part of any sports movie is the inspirational speech right before The Big Game. Whether it's the Super Bowl or Little League, there's nothing a good, old-fashioned motivational speech can't fix!
The Patriots, Giants, and Spurs have won many championships this century. However, those teams would be no match against the best fictional sports squads produced in recent years.
Football was made for movies. There are build-ups to the climactic championship game, with the clock counting down the minutes into those final tense, ticking seconds. Whether closing in on the huddle, or going wide for a field kick, the feeling is more like war than sports.
Are you ready for some football? The NFL preseason is just starting up and college football isn't far behind. Soon enough
"All's fair in love and basketball." All art courtesy of Raydene Salinas. In one particularly great scene we see Monica in
The million-dollar extravaganza that provides the occasion for the new Kevin Costner movie, Draft Day, used to be a simpler affair. Lord knows I wasn't qualified to run the American Football League draft. But I did.
The 59-year old also discussed "Field of Dreams," and how it overcame all odds. "I knew the movie was great," he told Jordan