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Capturing intense moments is something all photographers aim to do. In sports photography, those intense moments can be more elusive because the action happens so quickly. The core of athletics is movement.
Amazingly, the BBC reports Massa was unhurt in the crash. "The accident was more scary watching than being inside," he told
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Last Saturday, October 19, running back Cam McDaniel helped Notre Dame beat USC in a 14-10 home football victory. He rushed for 92 yards, a career high for the junior from Coppell, Texas.
Ashley, a part-time model, strikes the same pose in a swimsuit similar to what Kardashian wore in her "no filter" Instagram
It seems odd that the author of a book titled Athletes Among Us doesn't think it's about sports. Instead, says photographer
It remains to be seen if Jenneke's performance as an athlete will ever match her online celebrity. Jenneke has shown off
Unable to return to the lineup because of a strained calf, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter may have made another kind of diamond play -- asking girlfriend Hannah Davis to marry him.
Davis, the 23-year-old Sports Illustrated model and DirecTV Genie, was photographed wearing a large diamond ring as she left