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While fan passion alone could almost certainly keep the industry going, leagues and sporting franchises have decided not to rest on their laurels. The last few years have seen the steady introduction of technology into the world of sports.
Augmented reality was initially seen by the masses in the subtlest of ways.
Big data is a notoriously difficult concept for the masses to wrap their heads around. It's a term that triggers a roll of the eyes by all but the most technologically inclined, but its impact on society is being felt more with each passing day. If you know where to look, that is.
Hey Hardwired fans! This week we are promoting the second episode of my series Hardwired 2.0. Watch me try out some new workouts while testing out the latest in Performance Tech!
Judging by the focus group in Tribord's video, it seems the snorkel is the main hurdle in traditional snorkeling. "We naturally
Now we have all sorts of technology that tells you your pace, how much you should eat for your body size before a race, lighter shoes, specific clothing, and countless other "things" that do increase your time, but is it still "your" time?
While devices with Wi-Fi and touchscreens have become a constant presence in our everyday lives, engineers are working to
New devices are hitting the market and new data packages are being offered by carriers that will allow viewers a new way to follow their team.