One of the biggest recipients of Thornton's largesse, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told the Globe and the
Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has joined a growing list of politicians who said they are returning thousands of dollars in donations from lawyers at the Boston-based Thornton Law Firm, after a Spotlight Team report on a pattern of questionable campaign contributions.
"The learning journey took me on an even deeper personal journey and provided me with the empowerment to stretch myself" I
The film earned its Academy awards through its deft retelling of the story of the investigative reporting team that uncovered the systematic cover-up of sexual abuse of children by priests in the archdiocese of Boston. But Spotlight did not tell the whole story.
But the system of which he is a part - the privileged class of clericalism that thinks the world (and church) owe them something
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Pope Francis just issued his long-awaited statement calling for less judgment and more tolerance. But his statement would have had a more profound impact if he had also called for more judgment, less tolerance of Catholic priests who rape children, and the bishops who protect them.
After a year of global trekking to discover, nurture, nudge, prognosticate and congratulate all Oscar-worthy films, come April, I am left with the position of Monday morning quarterback.
Why do you think in the US we're now becoming so afraid, of so many things? I used to always believe we were the freest country
To the makers of Spotlight -- I am not beholden to you for anything, and I will never thank you for giving me a voice, because you didn't. You gave yourself a voice, and you frame it in a language you understand.