Spring 2016

It's really this simple: Vertical stripes are your friend. Whether bold or subtle, a graphic explosion or a tailored presentation, or even a pajama-esque hint, vertical ventures run the gamut.
You couldn't come up with a more unlikely group of friends in terms of personality, politics, income, sexual orientation and personal style, but our shared experience as slightly wild teenagers bonded us for life.
Florals on a moody background -- favoring luxuriant colors from the same red palette we find in wine -- are gorgeous and wildly romantic. Some of us enjoy the mystery of brooding botanicals, while others exult in the striking prettiness of a garden on black.
Tory Burch Slightly equestrian but not too exaggerated, this is polished weekend dressing at its best! Slim white pants stand
Have fun with the trend! Designers love to play with menswear elements and you should too. We're drawn to the pleated bib
Everyone knows summer is the season for white, from fresh, sporty pieces to flowing Great Gatsby-esque dresses and everything in between. This year, white-on-white looks take a sophisticated turn with beautiful textures and special details.
We found a rich abundance of black-and-white prints you can buy and wear forever! There are few pieces more all-out flattering
Contrary to much anxious industry speculation, I don't crave extreme entertainment when I shop. I am not looking to ski, surf or take in a show at the same time. I simply want to find a wider selection of exciting clothes and accessories to choose from that make sense for my current age and lifestyle.
Blame it on the genius of Anya Hindmarch. Everywhere you look nowadays, you see women of all ages sporting bags, shoes and
In the '80s, one of my first assignments as a fashion editor at Vogue was to cover the swimwear market. As a Jersey girl, born and raised just miles from the beach, this was like getting paid to eat ice cream!
Get ready to sashay! This utterly feminine shape practically invites you to go outside and get moving. Play up the skirt's
Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could start your work wardrobe over from scratch -- following a real plan that'd make getting dressed and out of the house a breeze?
Fringe has been climbing the style ranks for the past few years, but this season it'll hit a fever pitch. It arrived initially
Amplifying my anticipation was the next spoiler. Jules Smith pave bar and stone cuff. Rachel Zoe advocates the importance
"We saw a movement toward very calm shades contrasted with specific pops of bright primaries," Laurie Pressman, VP of Pantone's
Naeem Khan's artwork is highlighted in detailed embroidery, beadwork and even hand-painted accents in his Spring 2016 wedding dress collection.
See wedding dress designer Claire Pettibone's romantic, prairie-inspired looks from her spring 2016 Bridal Fashion Week runway show.