spring awakening

Two pals navigate life, love and sexual tension in "Indoor Boys."
The Tony Awards are coming up Sunday, and I couldn't be more excited. Once a year, we come together to celebrate one of America's longest-standing institutions, Broadway, a magical world where fantasy blends with reality.
From that Annie production, Stroker was hooked. Playing different roles, becoming a variety of people was healing. Performing
Now that the 2015-2016 Broadway season has come to an end, the celebration is not over until host James Corden has the last word on the June 12th telecast of The Tony Awards on CBS.
Many musicals tell timeless stories and every generation picks up on another aspect of them. The same musical, same production
Does the future of theater look brighter for women, actors of color and differently abled people?
There goes another year in New York with magnificent stage performances. Some performers in the past year have excelled in exceptional storytelling far more than others. A season full of diverse characters ranging from female revolutionaries, sexually curious teenagers, a glittering tornado exit, underappreciated siblings, a one-man band, a Latin pop star, a ton of toe-tapping music, and star-turning performances. As we start ramping up to 2016, I look back at my top 10 theatrical performances of 2015.
This season's productions of 'Hamilton' and 'Spring Awakening' are arguably the two most diverse shows that Broadway has