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The Sneaky Way You're Probably Ruining Your Hair Do some spring cleaning. As with your moisturizer, you need to tone it down
Calling all caffeine addicts. This scent is actually laced with coffee--but it's no skim vanilla latte. Crazily enough, the
Spring symbolizes a hopeful new beginning that's filled with warm weather, lighter clothing and flowers. But in reality, it's
Weather, travel and stress are reflected in our skin as the skin starts to build up oil, sebum and dead cells when exposed
More than tasty garnishes, here are four ways you can use fresh herbs for holistic field-to-face grooming.
Cobalt eyeliner is as electric as it sounds. If you still aren't convinced that sleek, blue eye makeup isn't the way to go
Just because you're keeping the sun's damaging rays away from your skin doesn't mean you can't get a bit of a sun-kissed glow.
Mother Nature teased us with one sunny day last week in New York City ... just one. Although we ended the week with a rainy
DO go for a super bright orange lip color, as this shade works on all skin tones. The most important thing in choosing orange
HuffPost Style shows you how to wear spring 2013's hottest spring nail art trends.
See how the stars wear the trends: In the video above, we show you how to wear tangerine, poppy, fuchsia and coral on your
Spring is finally here, and with it comes an influx of color everywhere. To help navigate the transition from icy winter into a season that's all about blossoms and new growth, we asked celebrity makeup artist Jenn Streicher to weigh in on the products that get her ready to celebrate.
The name of the game in home beauty is the edited beauty product collection - carefully selected products specifically selected and limited to what you use and need.
Neil is National Makeup Artist with niche brand Jouer Cosmetics. For a third year in a row, he worked Fashion Week with Jouer Cosmetics and Kate Spade. In need of makeup knowledge and tips, I turned to him for advice.
Spring beauty trends are known for being light, ethereal and aptly refreshing after a season of deep, wintery hues. As the
Front Range spring peeping is quite rewarding now, as many early plants and seeds have returned from dormancy to establish their tiny gene survival platforms -- flowers