spring break

Raymond Douglas Moody, 62, has been charged with murder, kidnapping and rape in the teen's 2009 killing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
"We're so close to the end" of the pandemic, "let's ruin it!" says Cece Vuvuzela (Maya Rudolph) on crazy game show.
The Texas Republican is hawking “McConnell in the front, MAGA in the back" merchandise for the #CruzCrew on Twitter.
The city extended restrictions until the end of spring break as maskless, out-of-control crowds mob the streets.
Maskless revelers were filmed dancing on top of cars, appearing to drink from open containers and running as police moved in to clear them out.
Enjoy a much needed mental health day (or week) with these staycation ideas.
About 70 University of Texas students returned on a chartered plane to Austin after partying at Cabo San Lucas. Nearly half have tested positive for coronavirus.
The governor banned in-person classes after a New York Times report found students with COVID-19 symptoms were welcomed back to Liberty after spring break.
School president Jerry Falwell Jr. has been widely criticized for welcoming students back to campus after spring break amid a global pandemic.
As one Twitter user put it: “Millennials. Aren't. Going. On. Spring. Break. We. Are. Too. Old.”