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He was seen in a video flipping the girl from her chair to the floor and hurling her across a classroom before arresting her.
When it is legal for authority figures to abuse children and have them arrested on spurious and unsubstantiated charges, can America really be "the land of the free"?
"I can’t believe this, when are we going to look at what KIDS are doing wrong?"
Student's lawyer: Officer should be jailed.
Around year four of my career, something clicked for me. I realized that my job -- teaching mathematics to a room full of teenagers -- isn't actually about me. It isn't about my wonderful lesson plans or my overall pass rate for end-of-course tests.
As an officer of the law, this detective took an oath which he not only violated but soiled the very intention behind having school resource officers in the first place.
For the last 18 months, Groh and her family and friends have been meeting every Tuesday at Cali Comfort Restaurant and Sports