Springfield, Missouri

Dmitriy Andreychenko, 20, told police he was testing his Second Amendment right.
No shots were fired, but a police lieutenant said that the man's "intent obviously was to cause chaos."
The lawmaker later said his comment was just "an exaggerated statement."
The president avoided specifics while promising to alleviate what he called the "crushing tax burden" on American companies.
This past weekend I headed to Springfield, Missouri to perform at the Greater Ozark Pride Festival. Springfield is a small
“I was inspired by the everyday moments of my life."
One of the coolest things about going on a vacation/adventure is the anticipation of the unknown.
As an enormous undertaking to present a cross-section of artists from around the country, this institution will offer its interpretation of contemporary American art.
Springfield is a community that collaborates (it might be in the water). We work together as a team to ensure any prospective employer receives seamless, top-quality service.