“I think our interview is now over.” President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer flipped out on a Fox Business host after she compared him to an ex-British spy.
Butina, recently freed from prison for acting as an unregistered agent of the Kremlin, defiantly told "60 Minutes" she was only "social networking."
A fishy robot could be the future of spying.
Could this fishy robot be the future of spying?
Trump reportedly told RNC donors he believes Democrats hate Jewish people over the weekend.
The TSA has been spying on air travelers, even if they aren’t suspected criminals or on terror watch lists.
Facebook and Twitter told me to go see Wonder Woman. I’m not one for superhero movies, but it was an immense treat to read
Swoon. Thalassa installation in progress at the Detroit Institute of Art. Detroit, Michigan. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Tyree Guyton
Snowden is a helluva movie, kicking an audience's ass on a number of levels. I had a chance to see the film at a preview event; it opens everywhere on September 16. Go see it.