Spy Kids

Alan Cumming knows a little bit about feeling like a second-class citizen. After all, aside from being a gay man in a straight-dominated world, he's also a Scot who's lived in London.
By Michael Lopez Read more Blogamole's News and Chisme here. Though Covel and Vega certainly seemed lovey dovey throughout
After spending hours at an L.A. hair salon on Friday, Alexa sent The Huffington Post an exclusive photo of her new blonde
See pics of celebrity kids: PHOTOS: Jessica Alba glowed at the premiere of her new movie, 'Spy Kids: All the Time in the
Frankie Muniz claims a gun "played no part" during a domestic incident in Arizona with his girlfriend a few days ago -- despite
She's not a kid anymore. Alexa Vega, who plays the young secret agent in the Spy Kids movies, married Napoleon Dynamite producer